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Viridian Products and Rate Plans in Texas

Viridian entered Texas in November 2015, offering electricity service through three straightforward rate plans:

3DOM Fixed™: Lock in a rate from day one and get three years of price certainty. 3DOM customers in Texas get a back-end loyalty rebate equal to 5% of their usage over the three-year term.

minus-5™: Customers receive affordable, responsible energy at 5% below the norm. Viridian does the research, finds out what competitors are offering and offers a price that’s 5% below their median. 

Term Free: This index rate fluctuates monthly according to the Viridian Energy Index, and lets customers switch to another plan at any time without penalty.

Customers in Texas can also choose to purchase one or both of two bundle products with either rate plan.

goGREENER™: Customers in Texas who purchase any rate plan can increase their positive impact on the environment. When a customer decides to goGREENER, Viridian will purchase additional Renewable Energy Credits (REC) on the customer’s behalf.

goECO-SMART: Customers who purchase any rate plan will be offered the option to buy goECO-SMART, an Ecobee3 smart thermostat that enables customers to program and control temperature in different rooms in their homes. They can program the thermostat to know when they’ll be using specific rooms for maximum comfort. On average goECO-SMART can save customers up to 23% off their energy bills by reducing temps when they’re not home or in certain rooms.

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