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Viridian Utility Price Index

Note: Viridian's Utility Price Index (UPI) is not used in Texas.

Viridian's Utility Price Index (UPI) represents Viridian's best efforts at approximating your specific utility's energy rate using information from public rate filings, utility bill calculation methodologies, meter read practices and assumptions regarding average customer usage. It does not account for all possible rate and customer usage variations. The UPI, found here, is also linked to from the description of the minus-5 rate plan on the Viridian Products & Services page.

Viridian's UPI is used to determine rates for minus-5 in all states but Texas (where rates are based on the median of competitor rates) and to calculate the back-end rebate amount for 3DOM Fixed customers in all states but Texas (where the rebate is a fixed 5% of the supply charges). Viridian's calculations shall be final.

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