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Minus-5 Rate Plan

Viridian's minus-5 rate plan is a 12-month energy plan available to residential customers that provides energy at a 5% discount. In markets where minus-5 is available, the minus-5 rate is 5% below the Viridian Utility Price Index, Viridian's approximation of your utility's supply rate. In Texas, the minus-5 rate is 5% less than the norm, the median of competitor rates. (Read more about Texas products and rate plans here). Minus-5 is not available in Connecticut, where Viridian instead offers Value Fixed, a fixed rate plan with more than 50 percent renewable energy at a competitive rate. 

Additionally, a minus-5 customer who decides to add goGREENER or goCLEANER can renew the minus-5 rate plan as long as he or she continues to be a goGREENER or GoCLEANER customer and the minus-5 rate plan is available. A minus-5 customer who purchases a goECO-SMART ecobee3 thermostat using the monthly payment option can also renew the minus-5 rate plan for the full three years that customer is on the monthly payment plan as long as the rate plan is available, and a customer who purchases the thermostat outright can renew minus-5 for a second yearlong term. If a customer cancels the minus-5 plan before the 12-month term, an early termination fee applies. Minus-5 is not available to commercial customers. 

Paper enrollment is NOT available for minus-5 at this time; new customers MUST enroll online. Existing customers who enrolled after June 1, 2015, and wish to switch to minus-5 will be able to do so without being assessed an early termination fee, as long as they make the change before December 31, 2015. Any customer on a fixed-rate plan can switch to minus-5 after paying their current ETF. Rate plan switches to minus-5 are available through the customer switch site at and via phone enrollment. Existing variable rate customers may also enroll on the minus-5 rate plan, but the goGREENER and goCLEANER bundles are not currently available for these customers. Minus-5 will not be offered as a renewal rate option for existing customers on a standard rate plan. 

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