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Rate Plan Options

Viridian offers three rate plans for our electricity and natural gas products, so customers can choose a plan based on what's important to them. 

Price certainty: Our 3DOM plan offers 36 months of affordable, responsible energy at one fixed monthly rate.

Savings: Our minus-5 plan provides 12 months of responsible energy at a 5% discount. In all states but Texas, the minus-5 rate is set at 5% less than the Viridian Utility Price Index. (The Viridian Utility Price Index is Viridian's best effort approximation of a utility's current energy rate, using information from public rate filings, utility billing calculation methodologies, meter read practices and average customer usage. It does not account for all possible rate and customer usage variations.) In Texas, the rate is set at 5% below the norm, the median of competitor rates.

Flexibility: Our variable rate Term Free Index plan lets you benefit when rates are low, and switch your plan at any time.

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