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The Viridian Opportunity

Why Viridian?
If you've always wanted to start your own business but weren't sure how to go about doing it, or if you've always wanted the flexibility and potential for unlimited income that can come with working for yourself, you would do well to learn about becoming a Viridian Associate. Our Associates can earn residual income that can really add up. Whether you are looking for a little extra money each month or are looking to build a large business, your income potential with Viridian is virtually unlimited. For those serious about growing a large organization, Viridian will keep you as busy as you want to be, from community outreach to glamorous get-togethers. Our top Associates become like family to us, and are invited to accompany our senior management on exciting service trips around the world.

Will I be a Viridian employee?
No. When you become a Viridian Associate, you are an independent representative and business owner. You are in control of the amount of time and effort you put into your business. As an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 from us at the end of the year if you have earned at least $600 in the year. As every individual's financial situation is different, we advise you to take any tax questions to your accountant.

How much time commitment is required?
It's your business, so it's up to you. Obviously, the more time you put into your business, the more likely it is to grow and the higher your residual income will be. Consider your own goals—many of our Associates have full-time careers, with Viridian as a side business with a goal to make a little extra income, and many have ambitions to build a long and lasting business with Viridian. Whatever your goals, Viridian provides an opportunity to realize your objectives, and our training materials will offer tips to grow the size of business that's right for you. It's your business and you are in control of the amount of time you devote to building it. You have the flexibility to determine where, when and how you grow your business based on your own goals. Many of our Associates run their Viridian business as a side business and continue to have full-time careers, while others commit themselves full time to Viridian.

Do I need network marketing experience?
No! We do not assume that you have any sales experience or network marketing experience, and we provide an excellent training program, tools and the support you need to get started. In fact, some of our most successful Associates had never represented a network marketing company before joining Viridian. We have teams and sponsors in every state we service who are ready to teach you how to make your business a success, a host of techniques to keep you motivated and a corporate office that's constantly creating new materials and planning events to help you on your way. When you're with Viridian, you're never alone.

How do I sell energy if I don't have any experience?
Energy is a rapidly growing and exciting industry. Starting your business with Viridian is not overwhelming. In fact, our product and industry training can get you up and running quickly. Plus, we offer our Associates several tools to help you explain energy options to your customers, starting with the option to have a personalized website for an effective online presence. Viridian also requires each of our Independent Associates to complete a brief and informative video-based certification program to ensure our representatives are knowledgeable, confident and prepared. This exceptional program is interesting and informative and will provide you with the right foundation for your business.

How do I make money?
Simply put, you earn money for the customers acquired in your organization. Your compensation is based on a variety of factors, from the number of active Viridian customers in your organization who have paid their energy bill to the level of leadership rank you've achieved. Our industry-leading compensation plan provides you an excellent opportunity to earn bonuses as you build your business. Best of all, as a new Associate, you can take part in lucrative customer acquisition bonuses that reward you for getting up and running quickly.

How do I get started?
Enrollment is quick and easy online or by filling out a paper application from the Independent Associate who introduced you to Viridian. You'll want to set up some time to meet with your sponsor and get started off right once you are enrolled, including getting Viridian certified. Enrollment is $299, and the annual renewal fee for your Viridian business is $59. Get started here.

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