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Customer Enrollment

If you are interested in signing up for energy service through Viridian, you can enroll online, over the phone by calling (866) 663-2508 or using an enrollment form provided by the Independent Associate who referred you to Viridian. You'll need to have a recent utility bill handy to get your account information.

Online enrollment: To enroll online, visit and click on Become a Customer,  visit the website of the Independent Associate who referred you to Viridian or visit and search for the referring Associate. When a customer enrolls online, the customer will be asked to provide a driver's license number or Social Security number for identification purposes.This data is encrypted for the protection of our customers and is only used for validation purposes during the enrollment process. Customers in some markets are also required to complete a credit check. All Texas customers are required to complete a credit check. In Texas, customers who do not meet the credit score threshold can enroll with Viridian by paying a refundable deposit at the time of enrollment.

Phone enrollment: A customer enrolling over the phone will need to complete a third party verification (TPV) call, a recorded phone call required for legal purposes to confirm an enrollment or rate change with a third-party supplier. The TPV gives Viridian verbal authorization to enroll a customer in a specific product or rate plan during phone enrollment. The entire phone enrollment process takes approximately 15 minutes, including the TPV call. Customer Care cannot process a phone enrollment attempt by anyone other than the account holder of record. 

To enroll by phone, contact Customer Care:

In Texas, call 844-237-3658
In all other states, call 866-663-2508  


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