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Signing Up for Solar Energy

Signing up for solar is easy, and there are many ways to do it. Just contact your Viridian Associate, go online or call us at (866) 663-2508. If you have a friend or family member who’s a Viridian Solar Rewards Partner, you can sign up via their personal solar website (and help them earn a bonus!)  If online at, simply fill out the short form with your ZIP code for your friendly, risk-free consultation with one of our Viridian Solar Advisors. We will answer any questions you have and prepare a custom quote for your home. Once you sign up, a Solar Advisor will be in touch within a few days. The advisor will determine whether your home qualifies for solar energy, then will work with one of Viridian's solar partners to design your custom solar system and install it, free of charge to you. The only thing you pay for is the power your system produces. 

And, thanks to SUN PLUS ONE, every Viridian solar customer is able to make a meaningful and lasting difference for others. For every 15 Viridian customers who receive solar installations, Viridian will donate one solar power system to a household in need, at home and abroad. 

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