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Viridian Rates

Viridian's goal is to provide affordable, responsible energy. Deregulation allows electricity suppliers such as Viridian to buy energy wholesale from competitive providers and pass the potential savings along to customers. While there are no guarantees—there may be times when our supply rate may be higher than your utility—we always try to offer the best value to our customers. Our solar customers enjoy low, locked-in rates that stay the same no matter how high utility rates may climb. 

You may wonder why energy rates are not always the same. It's simple economics. Energy is a commodity that is bought and sold on the open market. As demand fluctuates, so do prices. When demand is low, the wholesale cost of energy goes down. When demand for energy is high, such as during peak summer and winter months, the wholesale cost of energy goes up. Viridian offers a variety of rate plans to help our customers meet their lifestyle needs, whether they want to potentially save money, prefer to have a guaranteed rate or enjoy the flexibility of a term-free plan. Explore our rate plans in your area

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