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Good Candidates for Rooftop Solar

Viridian offers solar for large commercial and residential customers. There are three key questions to ask to determine if someone is a good candidate for a residential rooftop solar system:

Do you own your home? We can only work with homeowners to install solar systems; renters cannot make decisions about solar installation.

Do you have a mostly unshaded roof? Solar panels generate electricity from the sun's rays, so the rooftop will need to get enough sunshine to make a solar system worthwhile. Some shade is OK!

Do you pay $100 or more a month for electricity? Customers with bills above $100 are most likely to benefit from a solar installation.

Building and Customer Types
Condominium: It is possible for a condominium owner to go solar, but it will depend on the specific homeowners association (HOA) rules. Refer to the HOA rules for more information, and contact if you have any questions.  

Townhome: Many townhomes are eligible for solar power. Eligibility will be determined by a number of factors, including the home's structure and the amount of sunlight it receives. 

Nonprofit or other organization: The best way to determine an organization’s eligibility is for the organization to contact its utility company and verify the class applied to the utility account. Once you have this information, contact to determine eligibility.

Co-op: Unfortunately, co-ops are not currently eligible for solar.

Customers who are not eligible for solar can refer others to solar and get paid through the Solar Rewards Program. Visit to learn more.

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